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5 most common dental problems and their treatments

A smile which is the important thing that one notices in another person,So it is obvious one should have a flawless smile which increases your confidence, improvise your personality, etc. What if your smile does not remain flawless as before due to some common dental problems which damaged your teeth, gums as well as mouth.These dental problems are caused because of our carelessness as we do not take proper care of our teeth. There is a need to understand that like we take care of each and every body part for the proper functioning of the body, similarly, we should take care of our teeth to make them strong and healthy.

Here are some common dental problems along with their treatments given by Lakewood Family Dental which provides with best treatment and services to their customers. The below-given information will help people to maintain their oral hygiene and will guide them to proper treatment of any of these problems if any, occurring in them.lets have a look and know more about the problems and their dental treatments.

Gum disease and infection

Lakewood family dental states that gum diseases are basically of two types of gum diseases one is gingivitis, and other is periodontitis. This Occurs due to bacterial growth on the gums which later on causes infection. It is basically the plaque buildup.


    • Due to side effects of some medicines which are taken for other diseases.
    • Consumption of sugary, acidic foods which contains substances which get stick to the mouth.
    • If you are not brushing and flossing properly.
  • Sometimes it is due to genetics like any family history.

Treatments –

    • Brushing twice daily
    • Proper flossing after every meal keeps bacteria out.
    • Use of fluoridated toothpaste.
    • Avoid eating sugary foods
    • Antibiotics like doxycycline,tetracycline can be used to treat it.
    • Use of antibacterial toothpaste.
    • Soft tissue grafts are another treatment suggested by Lakewood family dental.
  • Professional dental cleaning by your dentists at your regular intervals.

Sensitive teeth

This is most widely occurring problems in which your sensitive nerves of teeth get covered by a layer called dentin which when exposed to hot and cold food cause irritation.

Causes –

    • Consumption of acidic and sugary foods.
    • Fast brushing.
    • Using teeth whitening products.
  • Cracked teeth.

Treatment –

    • Using fluoride containing toothpaste which makes teeth strong.
    • Proper brushing.
    • Cavity filling in case of cracked teeth.
    • Use of soft-bristled toothbrush.
  • Lakewood Family Dental suggests, Use mouth guards to avoid teeth grinding which ultimately cause sensitivity.

Yellow teeth- According to Lakewood Family Dental 90 percent of people have this problem. In this the color of tooth changes from white to yellow color.


    • Improper brushing.
    • Improper flossing.
    • Due to the dental problem like Peria which cause yellowing of teeth.
    • Use of excessive fluoride containing materials.
  • Smoking and drinking of alcohol habits cause yellowing of teeth

Treatments –

    • Use of teeth whitening products.
    • Use of dental flossers.
    • Use of mouthwash after every meal.
    • Lakewood Family Dental provides veneer treatment in which layer of such materials is placed on the tooth to improve its color and texture.
  • Use of whitening strips containing hydrogen peroxide and placed on your teeth to get rid of yellow teeth.

Toothaches- It is the most probable problem caused in kids, excessive painting in teeth due to which person sometimes get swelling in the mouth, and unable to eat the food.

Causes –

    • Damaged filling eating hard foods like betel nuts etc.
    • By repeating motion like chewing, grinding the teeth.
    • Due to infection in gum which ultimately causes toothache.
    • Cracked teeth.
  • Due to the loss of teeth.

Treatments –

    • Removal of teeth which is causing pain by your dentist.
    • New tooth filling by removing the old filling.
    • Lakewood family dental gives aspirin tablet at initial stages of toothaches as a temporary treatment before the permanent treatment.
    • Avoid eating hard foods.
  • Chew your food slowly and properly.

Bad breath or halitosis – This is another common dental problems occurs in every one daily life. Lakewood Family Dental says it is the third most dental problem causing in people.

Causes –

    • The habit of Smoking and drinking alcohol.
    • Poor oral hygiene.
    • Not brushing teeth properly.
    • Remains of food particles in the mouth.
    • Eating a low carbohydrate diet causes bad breath.
  • Consumption of tobacco.

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