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Why to Choose Dental Sealant for preventing Tooth Decay?

Today people are more prone to mouth diseases than any other diseases. This is because people eat many things which may lead to teeth damage or further enamel diseases too. Not only that, an unhealthy mouth leads to serious gut issue and lever problems too. Cracks and edges are a common sight for those who do not take care of their mouth. The reason behind the same is a partial chewing of food which leads to damage of tooth and much more.

Another main problem is Tooth Decays. It is when the enamel of the tooth begins to decay and cause erosion from plaque and tartar on the teeth. Which is mainly due to sugary and hard foods so for this now a new treatment called dental sealant which is often used for this decay. Dental sealant is an ideal solution made of plastic material that your dentist will apply to the crown of the tooth to protect the areas within the ridges of teeth from infection. It can be done in any age and is let us know more about it.

Why Your Dentist prefers using Sealant?

Generally, dentists working at Lakewood Family Dental advise to get the sealant done as it helps in a few different ways:

    1. It fills up Small Grooves
    1. Covers holes and open areas
    1. Stop Decay
  1. Makes it look beautiful

Why you should get your tooth sealant done for Lakewood Family Dental?

    1. It’s a complete dental clinic with specialized dental serving you a complete dental solution.
    1. The dentists working at Lakewood Family Dental are experts to get on to the right treatment without a lot of tests or much adieu.
  1. You can always count by them, as the clinic has earned the reputation of being a cosmetic dental clinic, General Dentistry as well as a Dental Surgery Clinic.

More about the procedure of Sealant Application;

    • Your teeth become white and shiny.
    • Sealant works on the small pits and holes or cuts in the teeth and leads to prevention from decay.
    • The entire process is hasslefree, hence within minutes sealant is applied and you can continue the daily chores once again.
    • Dental counselors at Lakewood Dental Clinic will definitely tell you that the entire treatment is non-invasive, so it does not cause any pain.
    • The entire treatment is safe, as it does not have any side effect.
    • The cost of treating a cavity can be expensive, but applying dental sealants early will cost less in Lakewood family dental.
    • Most decay starts in the surfaces of the back teeth (molars). The permanent molars have the highest risk of tooth decay and will benefit the most from dental sealants.
  • The best thing about dental sealants is that they last for years and years.

Procedure done in order to apply dental sealants at Lakewood Clinic:

Lakewood family dental professionals use the following procedure when it comes to application of sealants;

      • Cleaning the tooth – The dentists will place a small brush in the dental drill. As the drill rotates the brush, they’ll use it to scrub the tooth’s surface and clean out it’s grooves also. If not cleaned the sealant will not bond to a tooth.
      • Conditioning of tooth’s surface – After cleaning the tooth, the dentist will spread the “etching” gel over that area where the dental sealant will be placed. Once they get it positioned correctly, they’ll allow the gel to sit for somewhere between 20 and 60 seconds and then wash it off this gel helps sealant to attach to the tooth.
    • Evaluation of the etching step – After washing the etching gel, and using their air gun to make the tooth dry, the dentists will see their work. Part of the tooth that had been treated should look dull, white frosty.
  • Applying the sealant

Precautions after dental sealants have been applied;

The common set of advice given by the dentists at Lakewood Dental Clinic and amongst the best Dentistries in Lakewood includes;

    • Sticky food should be kept at bay, as it can hold to the molars and also decay tooth.
    • Eating snacks, sugary foods also damage this sealant soon so one should try to avoid this.
  • Make it a habit to floss after every meal.

The sealant treatment is the best one to get rid of toothpick poking. Dentists at Lakewood Dental Clinic suggest the same, try once and enjoy a complete meal every day without any damage to your teeth.

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