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Make your tooth Enamel Strong at Lakewood Family Dental

A good physique helps a person to live a healthy life, and in the same way, strong enamel offers an excellent oral hygiene. One can fulfill their wishes by maintaining proper oral hygiene. Lakewood Family Dental Clinic experts suggested some tips to make strong enamel of the tooth, and they are as follows:   

Choose wisely your toothpaste

Every toothpaste that is used today by people is not equal. One should always go for toothpaste that contains fluoride as it helps to rebuild all the weakened tooth enamels and reverse all the early signs of decay. A person should keep in mind that excess usage of fluoride can harm their enamel. While purchasing perfect toothpaste for them, a person should choose toothpaste which contains only 3% of fluoride and owns an ADA’s seal of acceptance because it makes sure the amount of fluoride written is true.

Chewing of Sugar-Free Gum

There is the benefit of chewing gum after all. As the information provided by the Lakewood family Dental clinic, chewing commonly raises the saliva flow in the mouth of a person. And if a person chews after eating the extra added saliva helps to strengthen the tooth enamel. It can also neutralize and remove all the acids produced by any of the bacteria present in the mouth during the breakage of food. A person should seek for the gum which contains all the minerals that help in preventing tooth decay, gingivitis, and plaque and strengthens tooth enamel. The gum having the ADA acceptance seal includes sweeteners that do not cavities like mannitol and aspartame.

Starch and Sugar Avoidance

There are various types of food which easily gets attached to your teeth such as cookies, milk, cake, ice-creams, sugar, dried fruit, soda, dry cereal, hard candy, honey, breath mints and chips and these can cause decay of tooth more easily than those food which can be washed away by saliva. As the experts of Lakewood Family Dental Clinic says that any eatable item that is rich in sugar or starch is not beneficial as it creates bacteria in mouth and straightaway attacks your enamel. During this time the acid is produced which results in discoloration, weakness, and sensitivity of the enamel of a person. A person should also avoid foods that include the combination of acid and sugar such as candies. As they contain an excessive amount of citric acid which can easily damage tooth enamel of a person.

Nutritional Intake Improve

A person body can easily strengthen the weak enamels of the tooth. The dairy products like cheese, yogurt, milk, kefir includes all the necessary calcium and phosphorous to strengthen and remineralize enamel of tooth. They also promote the secretion of saliva as well which protect from bacteria and maintain the pH level of the person mouth. High fiber food like celery also helps in protecting the enamel as they can easily clean the surface and massages the gums. Strawberries contains Vitamin C and anti-oxidants, it promotes overall health of a person. The Malic acid present in it helps to whiten person’s teeth and to remove tartar from tooth enamel   


It is recommended by experts of Lakewood family Dental clinic that a person should always brush their tooth twice a day for getting strong tooth enamel. As brushing also prevents tooth decay, gingivitis, and other oral problems. A person should always use a soft-bristled brush and shall change it in every 3 to 4 months or as soon as its bristles gets frayed. The most important thing one should keep in mind is that the use of proper technique to brush your teeth. One should always keep the toothbrush at an angle of 45 degrees for better and effective results. A person should regularly use floss to remove food particles, bacteria, and plaque from the mouth. One thing to keep in mind is that a person should brush their teeth gently as brushing too hard can result in wearing down of your enamel.

Proper Treatment of Gastrointestinal Tissues

All the functions and process of a person body is more interconnected than a normal person thinks they are. A person stomach acid can easily reach up to a person’s mouth and can damage your teeth. One should visit and consult their doctor and should find out some proper treatment and remedies.  

Grinding of Teeth shall be stopped

According to Lakewood Dental Clinic experts grinding of teeth is a situation during which a person usually gnashes, grind or clench teeth unconsciously during the day and sometimes even night also. This habit can result in the wear of enamel of tooth of a person and make visible the layers which are deep. A person tooth even can also be fractured, chipped and flattened because of this habit. In case a person suffers from this they should contact their dentist as soon as possible.


The above are some of the tips which one can use to strengthen the weak enamel of the tooth. These tips are highly recommended by the experts of Lakewood Dental Clinic.

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