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5 interesting ways to keep your teeth healthy

Oral health is very important aspect; every individual have to pay attention towards it. No doubt a healthy smile can improvise our personality or act as attention seeker. Hence we can say like our skin; teeth are also equally important. According to dentistry survey healthy hygiene can eradicate ample of problems; in short brushing and flossing are key features for flawless smile.

Lakewood Family Dental had suggested many interesting ways which can helpful for your oral hygiene.

Make a habit of flossing and brushing twice

Flossing is very important to keep your teeth healthy. Lakewood family dental suggests that everyone whether he or she belongs to, any age group should always have the habit of doing flossing after every meal as, it will remove little pieces of food that get stuck to teeth and later on cause germs in the mouth so to avoid this flossing is mandatory.

In some cases, flossing can be difficult like for old people who had arthritis, and for small kids so Lakewood Family Dental suggests dental flossers for them which are easily available in chemists shops.

Also, brush twice a day one at morning and another at night before going to bed along with flossing to have awesome teeth.

Eat proper type of food

It is important to check what type of food you are eating like there are variations with the type of food and its effects on your teeth, Lakewood family dental suggests following basic points-

    • One should avoid eating sugary foods as when you eat sugar eat gets converted into acid in your mouth which effects your enamel.
    • Avoid the use of acidic foods like tea, coffee,a cidic fruits orange, lemon as they directly damage enamel
    • One should not opt for sticky foods like chocolates, cakes, or any other things which sticks to your teeth and effects your teeth colour as well as increases the germ.
    • Eat crunchy food like wafer chocolates, other crunchy items as they contain fiber which is good for teeth and secondly get easily removed during mouth washing rather than sticking to mouth.
  • Always chew the food properly because if you do not do this, it will get stick to your mouth.

Seek a Visit to your dentist

Lakewood family dental suggests that one must always visit to the dentist regularly for their regular checkups and minimum to minimum time that one should visit is twice a year.

Regular checkups are mandatory as some problems of teeth are unpredictable and also does not show any signs before and cause a serious issue later on so to avoid this situation there is need to go dentist so that if any problem is identified, you can have quick treatment without any delay.

Use of things for cleaning that contains fluoride

Lakewood family dental advice their customers to make use of fluoride-containing toothpaste, mouthwash, water is beneficial for teeth rather than any other things,The fluoride-containing toothpaste, mouthwash, water is beneficial in many ways like-

    • Protect teeth from cavities and germs.
    • Best for small kids as their teeth are more prone to germs.
    • Makes your teeth enamel strong.
  • Use of fluoridated water after intake of any granular material will protect your teeth and also maintain the colour of teeth.

Follow proper diet

It’s our duty to keep our body parts healthy hence teeth. For that, we need to consume a diet which has a positive effect on our teeth. Lakewood Family Dental suggests following guidelines-

    • Have a  glass of milk daily as it contains a high amount of calcium and vitamin D which makes your teeth strong and healthy.
    • Fresh fruits should be eaten as they are likely to cause very less problems
    • Drink water as much as possible as it will flush out the impurities and also not let germs to stick in your mouth.
    • Consume fluoride containing organic foods as they will ultimately make your teeth healthy.
    • Eat green leafy vegetables which are a rich source of iron and calcium.
  • Avoid foods which need chewing as chocolates, candies need time to chew, and all the material remains in the mouth which is sticking to teeth and cause dental problems.


The above-given are some interesting ways introduced by Lakewood Family Dental which one can apply in his or her daily life to protect his or her teeth and make them healthy. The primary thing we need is that whatever we get to know about the things which are beneficial for our body, health must be adequately followed to get the desired result. For more interesting ideas one can visit to Lakewood Family Dental website, one will find useful advice by the highly expertise dentists.

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