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3 exercises which make your smile one people eye for;

It’s a general saying, that exercises keep you healthy, but has any dentist you have visited till now convinced you to go for smile exercises. Cosmetic Dentists at Lakewood Clinic generally recommend a healthy lifestyle and some exercises to bring in changes to your smile, making it that perfect one which people can only be envious about. Lakewood Dental clinic’s Dentist is no exception either; the panel of doctors strongly recommends a set of facial exercises which can help you to improve your skin tone, reduce the visible jawline and help to flaunt a perfect jeweled smile.

How these Exercises works?

As you know our body is driven by muscles, so as your face. Dentists generally work on several movements which bring in changes thanks to the stretch and relax moments. Lakewood Cosmetic Dentist strongly believes that face exercises not only bring in changes, but also can make you look younger and fit.

The three exercises which are on the list of maximum cosmetic dentists in Lakewood;


A simple Smiling exercise;

Step 1: Stretch the corner of your mouth towards the opposite side. Hold in the same position.

Step 2: Expand the stretch and slowly part your lips to expose the teeth, hold again for the next ten seconds.

Step 3: Stretch further and slowly expose the half of it. Again, hold on the same for next 10 minutes.

This exercise creates a perfect wide smile, which is envious and the one which you have always dreamt for.

Generally, this exercise is advised immensely to those who get cosmetic surgery done in order to create a fake dimple, this exercise make it permanent and help the smile to adapt the same. Experts at Lakewood Dental Clinic make sure to give a demo before they advise you to undertake any exercise.


One exercise to reduce the smile line;

It is firmly believed that Exercises make wonder with cosmetic surgeries, that’s why exercises of face is considered a perfect method to add on the effect for a longer duration. This one exercise is recommended by the dentists at the Lakewood dental clinic to reduce the smile line build on face as some people smile;

Step 1; Pucker your lips

Step 2; Try to smile as you pucker in.

Step 3; Hold the posture till a mild ache in mouth arises, relax for the next 1 minute and repeat 10 times at a stretch.


The silly rabbit;

This exercise works on your entire face, and increase the flexibility of the face muscles. Dentists in Lakewood recommend practicing all the exercises in front of a mirror, however, this one exercise can be done without it too. Here is what you need to do;

Step 1: Smile widely, without letting your lips open.

Step 2: Wiggle your nose in such a manner that your face muscle supports the smile.

Step 3: Hold on the position for next 5 seconds

Step 4: Repeat the same 4 times in one go.

This has been proven scientifically, that these exercises help you to gain supremacy over others that is why it is amongst one of the advise chosen by most of the dentists practicing at Lakewood.

Try it to believe it, these exercises work great and sometimes better than the cosmetic surgeries.

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